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Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-09-27
Abandon All Hope takes place on the prison ship, so it makes sense that gangs place a significant role the setting. There is a small chapter dedicated to this topic. It gives some basic guidelines for handling gangs as well as advancements should the players choose to join one. It also details the top 12 gangs of Gehenna. Here's one of:

JAILHOUSE GIANTS (Pre-/Post-Perdition)
The “Jailhouse Giants” were one of the more formidable factions aboard the ship before Perdition, appealing to a diverse slice of the prison population - namely, those victimized, hounded, or otherwise ostracized by the other gangs. Formed in response to attacks on minorities, the weak, and the isolated, the Jailhouse Giants gave a voice (and violent support when needed) to those prisoners who, alone, had very little chance of surviving. The ’Giants, being relatively small, earned a nasty reputation for well-coordinated attacks on other gangs, clandestine assassinations, etc. that ultimately set them up as a respectable gang few gangs took on lightly.

Probationary: To join the Jailhouse Giants one must possess the Tortured trait.
Junior Standing: All members of Junior Standing gain the Boxing trait for free (if the character already has this trait, she gains 50 BPs instead). The ’Giants make sure their members can fight for themselves.
Senior Standing: Senior members gain their choice of either +1 Prowess or Intimidation.
Inner Circle: Inner Circle members gain a +100 Build Point bonus whenever they complete a mission that furthers their gang’s goals.

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