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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-01-23
My initial shipment of print book arrived Tuesday and I've updated my inventory system. There are a few stragglers that haven't arrived yet, but currently all of the Modern d20, Fantasy d20 and Darwin's World books are now in stock.

Still outstanding are one Ture20 book (BNF) and two GM Mastery books. The reprint of NPC Essentials will take some time as I've lost the original (doah!) and need to have it scanned.

Here's a complete list of books In Stock:

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-09-22
I've permanently reduced the price of many of most popular modern d20 books that are also in print (with the only expect being DW: Survivor's Handbook). Most of the books are price from $5 or $10 now, with the prices of the print books the same as PDF.

Also, if you own some of these books already, the upgrade price is now only $1.

RDP is also participating with some of their print books.

Here's a list of the books with price cuts:

$5 print / $1 upgrade
The Foundationists $5 print / $1 upgrade
Modern Backdrops $5 print / $1 upgrade
Metal Gods $5 print / $1 upgrade
Legends of the Samurai HC $5 print / $1 upgrade
Blood and Relics $5 print / $1 upgrade
RDP: Alien Invasion $5 print / $1 upgrade
RDP: Blight Elves: Architects of Despair $5 print / $1 upgrade

$10 print / $1 upgrade
Legends of Excalibur: Arthurian Adventures $10 print / $1 upgrade
Blood and Fists: Master Edition $10 print / $1 upgrade
RDP: The Blood Throne: Survivor's Guide to the Age of Blood $10 print / $1 upgrade

While the price cuts are permanent, the print books are limited depending on the title.