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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-09-17
We (rpgobjects, reality deviants, vigilance press) have created a special Google group called RPG Coupons. About 1 or 2 times a month we will be sending a exclusive coupons to this list for a great deal on an RPG PDF or Print book. Next week we'll send out our first coupon and it's a great deal: Shadows of Cthulhu for only $1!

The RPG Coupons group is an announcement only list, so the only emails you will receive on the list is coupons for books on our storefront. You can join the list HERE.

Posted by Charles Rice on 2009-09-03
This is the second book in Vigilance Press' World of Arkara fantasy setting for the OSRIC system!

The Canterbury Isles are an idyllic region, once the western edge of the mighty Kingdom of Damask, they were set adrift when that empire descended into the flames of anarchy.

Since then, the largest human settlement in the region, Bondaea, has become a city obsessed with order, dominated by the priests of lawful deities, the Duke has turned the city into a police state, with random identity checks and the gates separating the four quarters of the city locked at night.

Worse, the Duke has fallen under the spell of Therran the White, god of racial purity and forced all demi-humans in the city into the slum quarter.

This action, combined with the clear-cutting of human loggers on the island has move the humans and elves to the edge of a race war that will devastate the isles forever.

Now is the time for heroes. But will they decide the conflict in favor of one side or the other or find a way to prevent a senseless war before it can begin?
Posted by Charles Rice on 2009-08-20
World of Arrkara is an old-school, "sandbox" style fantasy setting for the OSRIC system.

The first in a series, the Gazetteer of the Known World provides an overview of the world, its gods, customs and social hierarchies.

It includes three full pantheons of deities, new rules for making the clerics of one deity different from those of another deity, rules for social class, and a new class, the Crusader.

The Gazetteer also includes four new variant classes: the Anti-Paladin, the Bounty Hunter, the Hunter and the Poacher. Variant classes take an existing class and modify it just enough to give it a new feel.

You can buy World of Arkara now from RPGOBjects!

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-09
Arthur Lives! is now on sale.

Arthur Lives! is a complete campaign setting using the True20 system

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-07
Check out a 20-page preview of Arthur Lives! from Vigilance Press.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-07-21
From Vigilance Press, World Metahuman Factbook Australia

Written by Bill Browne, this second installment in our retro 4C game coverage gives NPCs from the land down under, along with a new origin and some new powers.

If 4C is your game of choice, you should check this out.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-04-01
Super-spies and Commandos of WW2 describes 5 agencies (3 heroic and 2 villainous) equipped to deal with super-powered threats in WW2.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-02-11
Chuck has released a new book under his personal label, Vigilance Press. I copied his Blog post here:
It's been awhile since I mentioned this but now it's finally out!

World Metahuman Factbook: Germany lets you take your 4Color campaign on the road, to the site of the last two World Wars and ground zero for the Cold War. With reunification, things haven't exactly quieted down since then.

In a style similar the CIA World Factbook, only involving robots and lasers (so way cooler), WMF: Germany details 5 NPCs, a new criminal organization and a new power. All the NPCs are illustrated, and each comes with one or more plot hooks.

Since the 4Color system is free, it's a great to get a lot of game for a little cash.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2007-12-03
Vigilance Press, Charles Rice’s personal publishing label, has been added Grab all his historical fantasy books in the Clash of History Bundles+