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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2007-10-07
Two Worlds Character Sheet We had a little snafu, so we apologize for the tardiness, but the Two Worlds Character Sheet is now available for download.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2007-08-31
The Escape from the Haunted Lands is the first chapter in the "Haunted Lands" Adventure Path, a 10-installment campaign designed to lead the characters on a wonderful journey through the fabled lands of ancient Japan and latter Koryo in a quest to avenge their master's death and restore his son and heir to his rightful place.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2007-05-22
Written by Christopher urinko, Gestalt Surge Feats is a 14 page pDF conatining 45 new feats for Gestalt Wilder characters.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2006-11-22
Our critically acclaimed Arthurian RPG has come to Ture20. Legends of Excalibur (True20 Edition) contains all the great Arthurian flavor of our d20 Gencon/Ennie nominated sourcebook now adapted to Green Ronin's True20 system ! On Sale at

Posted by Chris Davis on 2006-05-14
Something new for Legends of Sorcery fans! Legends of Sorcery: Gems brings the mystical power of gems into your d20 fantasy games. It’s now on sale at

Posted by Chris Davis on 2006-04-24
There are still a few bells and whistles to add, but the e-Adventure Tiles Organizer is on sale at at a special early bird rate.

Don't have any e-Adventures Tiles?
Get the e-Adventure Tiles Organizer Bundle. It includes the Organizer and four of Skeleton Key's most popular tile sets (Dungeons Vol. 1, Cave Cambers, Cave/Dungeons Links, and Flooded Caves) for only $40. That is over 25% off.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2006-04-17
RPGObjects has reached an agreement with SkeletonKey Games to develop software tools utilizing its line of e-Adventure Tiles.

Its first product, e-Adventure Tiles Organizer, is finishing up development and will be available in April 2006. The e-Adventure Tiles Organizer is a web based application that allows customers to organize miniature maps based on e-Adventure Tiles that they own.

A DEMO of the e-Adventure Tiles Organizer is available at

Details on upcoming e-Adventure Tiles software will be announced in the future.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2006-01-08
Crothian of Enworld has given Legends of Sorcery a 5/5 star review!

"Legends of Sorcery is a very nice collection of creative classes mixed with a fun and easily usable different magic system. It changes enough to make spell casting feel and act differently while at the same time making it easy to be used with the other thousand d20 books out there that use the more traditional spell casting system. It is a rare product that changes so much but at the same time is so easily usable."

Posted by Chris Davis on 2005-12-15
Our Legends d20 magical companion, Legends of Sorcery, is now on sale at Legends of the Dark Ages updated as well.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2005-10-21
Hamlet of Iona is now on sale. Hamlet of Iona is an adventure/location supplement for Legends of the Dark ages and Excalibur. It contains color maps and a bonus sewer e-adventure tile from Skeletonkey Games.

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