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Modern Dispatch (#100): 100 Adventure Seeds
Digital Price:$3.50 $2.62
Print Price: NA
Pages: 20
Size: 0.37 MB
Format: Landscape
Writer: RPGObjects, Adamant, Ronin Arts, 12 to Midnight
SKU: dispatch100
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Modern Dispatch; Systems: Modern d20, Future d20; Genre: ; Product Type: Adventure; Media Type: PDF

Welcome to the special 100th issue anniversary issue. This mega sized issues contained 100+ modern adventure seeds penned by all four of the founding dispatch publishers including Adamant Entertainment, Ronin Arts, 12 to Midnight, and RPGObjects.

Here’s an example below:

21. Tap, Tap, Tap [Mystery]
A character begins waking up tired in the morning, despite having slept through the night. After a night or two, the character becomes aware that there is a tapping sound pervading his dreams. This tapping is fairly rhythmic, but inconsistent, as though its source were a person working steadily and taking occasional breaks of less than 30 seconds. After another night or two, the character begins to feel the effects of fatigue. The next night, the character dreams he is exploring an extensive underground complex in search of the source of the tapping but does not find it. After suffering under the effects of this dream for another evening or two, he wakes suddenly one night to find he can still hear the tapping, though it is faint and far away.