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Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch (#12): Old Timers
Digital Price:$1.50
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Pages: 5
Size: 0.26 MB
Format: Landscape (screen viewing)
Writer: Dominic Covey
SKU: pad012
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: PA Dispatch, Darwin's World; Systems: Future d20, Modern d20; Genre: Post-Apocalyptic; Product Type: Adventure; Media Type: PDF

Age Feats for Darwin's World

Having playtested Darwin's World for five years now, this author has seen a number of trends in character creation - like a large number of characters who use the same weapon, or mutants with specific mutation combinations. Although a lot of "trends" can be attributed to the playing styles of individual players, some things just seem to come up more frequently than others, and some things never come up at all. One of the things that rarely comes up at all are older characters; that is, characters who begin the campaign beyond their prime.