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Blood and Fists: Fantastic Styles
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Pages: 24
Size: 1.16 MB
Format: Landscape (screen viewing), Portrait (for printing)
Writer: Joshua Cole
Cover: Jeremy Simmons
SKU: RPO3026
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Blood and Fists; Systems: Modern d20; Genre: Modern; Product Type: Supplement; Media Type: PDF

Blood and Fists introduced an in-depth martial arts system to modern d20 games, translating dozens of real-world styles - and maneuvers realistic, cinematic and mystical - into playable form.

Blood and Fists: Fantastic Styles brings that system to the world of fantasy.

Of course, fantasy worlds don't have the incredible richness of human history to draw their martial arts styles from (at least, not directly); no one teaches dwarven barehanded fighting or elven sword-and-spell styles at the dojo down the street!  The styles in Blood and Fists: Fantastic Styles draw on real-world martial arts for part of their inspiration, but the rest comes from the physiologies and psychologies commonly ascribed to fantasy creatures.

Blood and Fists: Fantastic Styles includes two new prestige classes, the Ki Spiritualist and the Ki Wizard.  These classes focus on blending mystical powers with martial arts.  This book also includes over fifty new feats, many of which are martial arts styles for common fantasy races like dwarves, elves, giants and orcs.  Other new feats include new martial arts maneuvers (some of which require a non-human physiology), new Ki feats, and new 'mystical maneuvers' which rely on both magical and martial ability.

Blood and Fists: Fantastic Stylesrequires the use of Blood and Fists and a core rulebook.  Blood and Fists II: Hong Kong Knights provides additional maneuvers for some of the styles in this document, but is not required.