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Martial Arts20
Digital Price:$7.50 $5.62
Print Price: $13.95 In Stock
Pages: 62
Size: 4.73 MB
Format: Portrait PDF
Writer: Charles Rice
Cover: David Jarvis and Anthony Cournoyer
SKU: RPO5001
ISBN: 978-1-935432-34-0
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: ; Systems: Modern20; Genre: ; Product Type: Supplement; Media Type: print, PDF

Martial Arts Mayhem and Mystery to the 20th Power!

First, we took your modern game to the 20th power. Now, we take your combats there as well. Building on the foundation of Modern20 comes Martial Arts20, the definitive resource for modern melee combat both armed and unarmed.

With rules for martial arts styles, more weapons and new ways to use those weapons, your characters will never look at a simple sword the same way again!

Take your combats to the power of 20!