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Shadow of the Zeppelin20
Digital Price:$4.95
Print Price: NA
Pages: 29
Size: 3.62 MB
Format: Portrait
Writer: Mike Lafferty
SKU: RPO5006
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: ; Systems: Modern20; Genre: Superhero; Product Type: Adventure; Media Type: PDF

This pulse-pounding adventure is set during the alternate timeline of Soldiers and Spellfighters20 - in which magic drastically altered how the Great War unfolded.

The introduction of griffins into Allied air forces stopped the Central Powers advance and bought the Allies much needed breathing room. But Gerry hasn't taken it laying down.

The engineers and battle-mages of the Imperial German Army have developed a new weapon: the Iron Valkyrie, a super-zeppelin capable of operating independently for weeks at a time and serving as a flying stables and air base - launching wyvern and bombing attacks with impunity on British and French territory.

A spy for the British Directorate of Military Intelligence has uncovered information about the Valkyrie's shakedown voyage. This may be the one chance the Allies have to take it out before it's deployed.

The heroes are Allied pilots and airborne cavaliers given the daring mission of eliminating the Iron Valkyrie on its maiden cruise.

Shadow of the Zeppelin is a short adventure for Soldiers and Spellfighters20 - in the Modern20 line from RPObjects. This adventure requires the use of Modern20.

Shadow of the Zeppelin is written by Mike Lafferty and Kelly Wilde and contains:

  • A short adventure for Soldiers and Spellfighters20
  • Art by Scott Harshberger and Rich Hershey
  • A mission generator and random event generator to help GMs running Soldiers and Spellfighters campaigns.
  • Several newly statted out period vehicles including: a British seaplane tender, a British scout cruiser, a German submarine, German light cruiser and the SMS Von der Tann -- the first armored battlecruiser in the German Imperial Navy.