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Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-08-18
I ran my second event today. But before that, I managed to get to the main hall and take a few more pictures. I didn't catch nearly enough cosplay.

My event went great. Three players from Jon's Woodland's Savage World event filled the three empty spots.

Photos on Google+

Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-08-16
Day 2 I was suppose to run an event, but not enough people showed. Maybe I should take that as a sign to stop running d20 modern Darwin's World events. Jon's Savage World's Darwin's World games are both sold out.

With my free time I collected Ore and Sheep playing Aeroplanes and Lords of Vegas. Both games are worth buying.

I also visited the miniature gaming hall. The pictures I took aren't close enough. Going to try and visit again tomorrow for more close ups.

Photos on Google+

Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-08-16
Didn't take a ton of photos today. I explored the exhibition hall and then got waylaid in the Mayfair Games gaming tables. I felt compelled to get all the Mayfair gaming ribbons (sheep, brick, wheat, stone, wood). I got three of the five Day 1. Played Urbania, Alchemist, and Star Trek Catan. Of those there, only Urbania was worth buying.

One very odd trend. Lines to get into the booths of some gaming companies, like Fantasy Flight. And those lines were long and slow. Seriously, a line just to see stuff to buy? Sort of ridiculous.

Photos on Google+

Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-08-15
I'm off to Gencon 2013. You can catch all my daily posts on google+. Summaries with links to photos here nightly (I hope).

Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-05-20
Events Run by Chris Davis:

To Kill a King (RPG1347404)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You're troublemakers who have made a mess of one too many failed ventures and are captured when your last caper goes wrong. Enroute to your execution, you are given an offer to earn your freedom.

Hellhole (RPG1347405)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You've been mustered for a daring raid into the lands usurped by the despised NuChurch, a warlike cult risen from the ashes of Salt Lake City and slowly conquering the peoples of the mountains.

Events Run by Jon Woodland:

Necropolis Nightmare (RPG1344043)
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
The Necropolis holds amazing treasures of the Ancients and terrors that can make your blood boil. Post-apocalyptic adventurers delve into the ruins of Los Angeles, in search of ancient technology.

Bow to the Master (RPG1344067)
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
Post-apocalyptic mutants are ambushed by Doomriders while traveling home with newly purchased Fraxx Steeds. Will they escape alive, or bow to the master?

Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-03-29
I've had a few registration bugs since the site tweaks. This is mostly due to old code that uses the Prototype javascript. I've been migrating all the javascript code to jQuery, but it takes time. Anyhow, the registration page should work properly now. Sorry for any hassles. Please let me know if you encounter any other issues.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-01-19
Updated the website with some changes I've been working on. Nothing major. Just a new header and home page layout.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know asap (webmaster at

Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-10-28
Server is up and should be all configured. If you have any issues downloading books, using tiamat, or the online store, please let me know asap.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-08-24
Gencon is over. It was my 21st consecutive. This year I returned to running events as I took a year off last gencon. I used that opportunity to totally explore all the nook and crannies on gencon. While it was fun, I must admit, I missed running events.

With that said, I think I may of over done it running 4 events. 4 event is what I have done in the past and it gets your free badge. But after last year, I didn’t get to explore the gaming and exhibition halls as much as I wanted. So I have to strike some sort of balance. So I think I will run only 2 or 3 events next year. Free badge be damned!

As for those events, they all went well. I posted about each on google+.

After running 2 Savage Worlds events I’m sold on the system. I’ve played d20 based games for a long time, so I’m a bit jaded there, so I won’t say it’s better than d20, but if I had a choice of playing a d20 vs SW game today, I would choose the latter.

When I did have time, I visited the gaming and exhibition halls. Below are links to my photos.

Again, didn’t have a ton of time. So I missed a lot. One thing I missed the most was not seeing all the costumes. All my friends told me about the good ones and I was envious.

Other highlights and things that stuck out.

  • Fantasy Flight has a new version of Fortress America on sale. That’s insane!
  • I bought the 2nd edition of the Game of Thrones boardgame. The 2nd edition changes make a great game better.
  • Played Jamaica. It’s a good casual game that I think my wife and older kids might enjoy.
  • My good friend Jay took second placed in the Iron GM challenge.
  • My friends and I hold a gamer olympics every 4 years. I took gold. Rumors are that I was doping, but I got away with it!
  • My events ran in the new hotel downtown. It was great. Only four tables per room and noise level was ideal.

I’m already looking forward to next year! Number 22.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-08-13
I started a series of blogs before last gencon (which was my 20th consecutive) that revisited gencons past. I only got a few blogs finished before gencon 2011 arrived, but in recounting some of my favorite events from the early years, I had mentioned a Scooby Doo based Call of Call Cthulhu event.

A funny thing happened a few months later. The GM that ran that very event contacted me. Gotta love the intertubes! Check out the rest of the story.

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