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Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-02-01
It's been a long time coming. The project has been started twice, delay several times, and had numerous other obstacles. At times I felt this whole idea of a Darwin's World Savage Worlds was just cursed. But it's finally here (well, at least the first book).

Darwin's World Savage Worlds: Survivor's Handbook

Discount for d20 Survivor's Handbook Owners:
If you already own the d20 Survivor's Handbook and want the Savage Worlds version as well, use the following bundle+ to get it for only $2:

SH Savage Worlds Discount

If you want the print edition of DW SW, you should still purchase the PDF version at the discount and then upgrade to the print edition. This will give you the maximum discount.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-10-18
Abandon All Hope, the new RPG from the creators of Darwin's World, is now on sale!

In addition to the core rule book, we have released an introductory adventure, Seeds of Rage.

You can grab both books in our Abandon All Hope Starter Bundle+

Abandon All Hope is a science-fiction/supernatural horror role-playing game in which players take on the role of the condemned aboard an automated spaceship that has plunged over the edge of the known universe. Here, in another dimension, they must contend with escaped lunatics, robotic controllers, and monstrous aliens who feed off of their fear and suffering. Former convicts are now the heroes, and every day is a fight for survival. For those who seek it there will be chances to escape, to gain power, embrace damnation, or seek redemption...

Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-03-19
While it's been quiet on the RPGObjects rpg front (Vig Press is still doing great work), we do have something new: Modern Dispatch (#139): Vampire Hunters20 by Paul King.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-09-17
We (rpgobjects, reality deviants, vigilance press) have created a special Google group called RPG Coupons. About 1 or 2 times a month we will be sending a exclusive coupons to this list for a great deal on an RPG PDF or Print book. Next week we'll send out our first coupon and it's a great deal: Shadows of Cthulhu for only $1!

The RPG Coupons group is an announcement only list, so the only emails you will receive on the list is coupons for books on our storefront. You can join the list HERE.

Posted by Charles Rice on 2009-09-03
This is the second book in Vigilance Press' World of Arkara fantasy setting for the OSRIC system!

The Canterbury Isles are an idyllic region, once the western edge of the mighty Kingdom of Damask, they were set adrift when that empire descended into the flames of anarchy.

Since then, the largest human settlement in the region, Bondaea, has become a city obsessed with order, dominated by the priests of lawful deities, the Duke has turned the city into a police state, with random identity checks and the gates separating the four quarters of the city locked at night.

Worse, the Duke has fallen under the spell of Therran the White, god of racial purity and forced all demi-humans in the city into the slum quarter.

This action, combined with the clear-cutting of human loggers on the island has move the humans and elves to the edge of a race war that will devastate the isles forever.

Now is the time for heroes. But will they decide the conflict in favor of one side or the other or find a way to prevent a senseless war before it can begin?
Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-09-01
Post-Apocalypse20 is the ultimate resource for taking your modern20 game to the end of the world and beyond.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-27
I put up a 6-page preview of Post-Apocalypse^20. Should hit the street on Monday.

Edit: correction, it will be released Tuesday.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-25
The Burning Lands comic series continues with issue #3.

If you like the Comic, please pick up the Novel.

Posted by Charles Rice on 2009-08-20
World of Arrkara is an old-school, "sandbox" style fantasy setting for the OSRIC system.

The first in a series, the Gazetteer of the Known World provides an overview of the world, its gods, customs and social hierarchies.

It includes three full pantheons of deities, new rules for making the clerics of one deity different from those of another deity, rules for social class, and a new class, the Crusader.

The Gazetteer also includes four new variant classes: the Anti-Paladin, the Bounty Hunter, the Hunter and the Poacher. Variant classes take an existing class and modify it just enough to give it a new feel.

You can buy World of Arkara now from RPGOBjects!

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-20
Gencon 2009 has come and gone and I'm finally feeling normal. It was a great week of gaming. I ran 3 events (Darwin Race, Revenge of the Terminals, and Inferno). The groups were great fun. Two of the three groups consisted mostly of people who had never heard of Darwin's World which was great. The last one was mostly fans which made for a really fun and experienced game.

The Darwin Race adventure didn't go as well as I hoped. The adventure needs a lot of tweaking so it may be a few weeks before I release that. I played Revenge of the Terminals again as an event, and I think it's the best gencon adventure I've written. It just works very well for a convention event. Sometimes you strike gold and sometimes you don't.

I played a ton of board games too, which is what I do at night. I played some Power Gird, Game of Thrones, Twilight Emporium (I won), Steam, Cash and Guns, and some hearts. I always purchase at least 2 new board games and this year it was Steam and Neuroshima Hex. We played Steam twice, playing it wrong both times, so the verdict is still out on that one. I haven't played Neuroshima Hex. It's a post apocalyptic board game import from Poland. Tell me that doesn't sound awesome!

One thing that is always great about gencon is that it really recharges you creative batteries. Normally I come home with lots of ideas, but that is often stifled in some ways as I normally have a slate of projects 6-8 months in the pipe. But this year I only have a few minor things. So I'm very excited.

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