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RPGObjects News
Posted by Charles Rice on 2008-09-03
Here's a list of the new feats appearing in the massive, free update to Modern20.

General: Target Acquisition

Powerhouse: Executioner, Finisher, Flying Tackle, Melee Smash, Street Howitzer, Sunday Punch, Sunder

Speedfreak: Blur, Fast Mover, Hail of Bullets, Hit and Run, Marksman, Rapid Dominance, Sharpshooter

Tank: Body Block, Soldier On, Suppression Fire, Unstoppable 1-3, Whatever Doesn't Kill You

Brainiac: Brains over Brawn, Custom Tweak, Intelligence Analyst, Photgraphic Memory, Power User, Scientific Improvisation, Think Tank

Empath: Fire Inside, Miracle Worker, Quick Wit, Shoulder the Load, Stoic, Team Player, Well-Oiled Machine

Star: Brand Loyalty, Investment Portfolio, Logistics Expert, Reciprocity, Repartee, Tycoon, Voice of Command (Improved)


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