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Posted by Charles Rice on 2008-12-24
Here's a taste of Mark Gedak's review of Modern Mayhem.

I was caught off guard a little by this adventure path because of preconceived notions I have about adventures, experience and levelling with other OGL games. There are basically 5 or 6 main objectives in this adventure path and for completing each major objective your characters will become more powerful. The format is also a bit different that what I expected, each adventure has an objective with complications and opponents but its written more as a framework for the GM to breathe life into then a scripted story. I think out of the six adventures only three occur in a required order and not all of the six are necessary to develop the story with your players. I think this gives the book a very sandbox-like appeal similar to some objective or non-linear videogames; the encounters allow the players to define their character, establish their humanity and establish themselves within the criminal world. For all the freedom this represents, the author has provided lots of ideas and plenty of opponent stats to cover most situations.

Read the rest here

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Posted by Michael Lafferty on 2008-12-27 11:28:51
Looks like there's a review of Fantasci20 on the same site (link below)...

AND also a review of Fantasci20 Creature Creature