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Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-02-27
I regret to say that the print edition of The Ruin at the End of the World has a significant defect. It seems one whole section of the city is missing (The Enclave section).

When Brian Nichol (thanks) reported the error to me, I wasn't surprised. I did after all prepare 40+ books for printing in under two months. I expected some errors. However, oddly enough this error has existed in the printer friendly version since its initial release! So the rush didn't cause the error. Odd indeed.

Regardless, I've update the PDF and due to the beauty of Print On Demand publishing, I've updated the master files at Amazon, so all books sold from this point forward will be correct.

For those that already purchase a print book, contact me and I'll do what I can to make it right. -chris

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