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Posted by david jarvis on 2009-12-17
Paladins Prevail!

Stalwart knight. Bringer of justice. Defender of the weak. The paladin fulfills many roles. This supplement allows a player to individualize a paladin based on how he imagines his character's faith manifests as abilities and powers. New class abilities are presented in a modular format, encouraging a mix-and-match approach to character construction, enabling greater variety, and allowing paladins of any level to benefit from Paladins Prevail. You will also find suggested combinations of these abilities and a series of new feats all paladins can use. Grab Your copy today!

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Posted by Jeffrey Klingbeil on 2010-01-01 22:17:39
I have both volumes, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the other nine classes.
Posted by david jarvis on 2010-01-04 22:20:10

I'm glad you like them.

Rangers is next in the line, and somewhere down the road I'll be releasing a PRC pack which has some pretty cool prestige classes for you to choose from.