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RPGObjects News
Posted by david jarvis on 2010-04-01
Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce the Beta test for the Savage Worlds editon of Interface Zero is available as a free download! In this 67 page eBook, you'll find everything you need to create a character for IZ. Future freebies will expand on this material, providing cool stuff like one-sheets, most wanted lists, the latest pieces of cyberware to hit the mean streets and much more! This eBook contains the first 3 chapters. I've excluded the equipment chapter for the time being because I'm waiting on some cool stuff from one of the guys writing for me. Rest assured though, once I get it, I'll be handing out a hefty preview.

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Posted by John Reiher on 2010-04-02 19:28:59
So where can we download the IZ beta from?
Posted by david jarvis on 2010-04-03 08:41:03

Just click on the product page. Add it to your cart and then it'll be added to your list of books you can download.
Posted by Marcus Bone on 2010-04-05 21:49:22
Just wondering if this might portent a Savage Worlds version of Reign of Discordia?

I ask as I've recently created my own version of this (SW RoD), and would love to see an official version!!

Posted by david jarvis on 2010-04-06 08:24:52
Hiya Marcus,

A savaged version of Reign of Discordia is a very real possibility!

I'm still working on Interface Zero, though, and the release of the beta test has revealed some critical issues I need to fix, so it might be a while.
Posted by Marcus Bone on 2010-04-06 17:46:01
Hi David,

Look forward to it (whenever it might be). If you want help, comments or even my scant notes, happy to provide them to you!

Good luck with IZ!
Posted by Neal Hyde on 2010-04-15 23:26:39
I'd like to run an adventure of SW IZ at TactiCon in Denver this coming September. Any chance that there is a SW IZ character sheet I could use?
Posted by david jarvis on 2010-04-16 12:20:51
Hiya Neal,

I don't have a character sheet for Interface Zero yet, but rest assured that we'll have one soon!
Posted by Neal Hyde on 2010-04-16 17:32:03
Oh, that's gonna be sweet!