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Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-09-20
If you recall from my first preview blog, step 4 is Pick your Conviction. Now that does that entail? Let's go to the source shall we:

In Abandon All Hope, a character’s “Conviction Record” is basically a descriptor that defines the category of lawbreaker/deviant that character was in Terran society during the Purge. A character’s Conviction determines how, in general, a character is used to solving problems and dealing with others; through violence and intimidation, social interaction and deal-making, manipulation and playing to the custodians, or turning inward and developing self-sufficiency.

Depending on her Conviction a character will have certain Traits available to her at the start of the game, and she will also receive discounts on specific categories of Traits should she choose to buy them during the course of play.

There are four convictions: Murderer, Vice Offender, Dissident, and Anarchists. Let's look at one, the Murderer

MURDERER While society did have its share of violent offenders throughout human history, during the era of chaos preceding the Unification Movement constant warfare led to a cheapened view of the sanctity of life. War was waged almost constantly, and Man became jaded to suffering. When the New Regime took power, scarred by memories of infamous despots (such as the 20th century’s Hitler and Pol Pot, the 22nd century’s Lee Kamao, and De Dios of the late 2330s), paramount to the creation of Utopia was a rooting out of all violent offenders. This included not only killers, but also those deemed “pre-disposed” for killing, and anyone or anything that glorified the use of violence in any form. Similarly, soldiers who fought in the last war were decommissioned and sent to holding camps, only to be labeled as killers and thrown in with common thugs, psychopaths, and serial killers as the New Regime took control.

Attribute Bonus (Player‘s Choice): +1 Prowess or Intimidation.

Free Trait (Pick One): Cold-Blooded, Military Training, Obsession, Psychopath, Public Menace

I haven't covered Traits yet, so that last line has little meaning right now, but you know you want to take that Public Menace trait don't you!

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