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Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-09-22
A foundational element to Abandon All Hope is Build Points. A player starts with Build Points to use to create his character, but they also receive them while adventuring as rewards to improve their character.

Players will spend most of the build points they accumulate on Traits. Traits consist of everything from natural talents to skills learned in prison, abnormal mental qualities to psychological quirks, past training to quirky abilities picked up in the past before being sentenced to the Gehenna.

The cost of a Trait depends on a characters Conviction Record. Here's a few examples:

You smoke like a demon, but a drag now and then helps take the edge off your nerves.
Prerequisites: None.
Benefit: You begin play with a lighter. In addition, you may consume 1D4x10 smokes to reduce your current Despair by -1.
Penalty: You suffer a +2 penalty to Prowess checks when checking for success at feats of endurance.

Your reputation in prison precedes you; few are bold enough to challenge you.
Prerequisites: Intimidation 10.
Benefit: In combat, individual convicts must succeed at a Will test to attack you (unless you attack them first, in which case they are free to fight back). Player-controlled characters are immune to the effects of this trait.
Penalty: None.

You are an intimidating foe to confront in combat, whether its because of your size, the impressive scars, your reputation, or merely that maniacal, far-off look in your eyes.
Prerequisites: Intimidation 3.
Benefit: Instead of attacking you may, on your turn, select one opponent and force her to make an opposed Intimidation check. If she fails, she takes either a -1 penalty to all Attack or Defense rolls (your choice) for the rest of the combat.
Penalty: None.

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