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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-09-25
One of the last things a player does during Characters Creation is pick a Personal Goal. Here's an abbreviated excerpt:

A Personal goals reflect either your character’s own ambitions, or a driving force behind her actions, or simply something she hopes to accomplish before she dies.


Personal goals do more than give flavor to your character; depending on your personal goal, certain actions during the game may lead to bonus Build Points if you act in accordance to your goal.

There are five goal: Redemption, Power, Survival, Escape, and Damnation. Here's one example:

A character seeking redemption searches for a way to amend for her crimes, a proverbial “cleaning of the slate”, through embracing a new sense of honor and self-sacrifice. A character with this personal goal sees the situation on the Gehenna as a chance to save fellow prisoners, protect others, and generally make up for the evils of her sordid past.

• Guilty of terrible murders, you have come to seek redemption, if not in God’s eyes than at least in your fellow man’s. You try to protect your comrades and, if necessary, will die for them.
• Having been party to the slaughter of innocents during the last war, and condemned for your service, you have come to regret the death and destruction once waged by your hands. You search for redemption leads you to care for the weak, the innocent, and fight for a common good.

Role-Playing Suggestions: Be a leader. Lead by example; be brave, inspire heroics in others. Do the right thing when you get the chance, even to your own detriment. Share with others, gain their trust.

BP Awards: Characters with this goal gain bonus BP awards for saving the lives of other characters, making “good” moral choices, sacrificing themselves for the greater good, etc.

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