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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-10-04
Demons aren't the only terrors players have to worry about:

In addition to worrying about demons, the pathetic inhabitants of the lost prison ship Gehenna must also contend with their robotic controllers, the vast legion of “custodians”. Designed and programmed for a wide range of missions, the custodians were responsible for monitoring the population’s behavior, seeing to their needs, enforcing the restrictions and regulations of the prison, tracking down escapees, confiscating contraband, and, when necessary, carrying out punishment for offenders who continued to endanger their fellow prisoners through their unrepentant crimes.

Let's look at one example:

Enforcers are the Gehenna's equivalent of prison guards. Each Enforcer is an enormous armored contraption that hovers along on a gravity wave emitter at a height of seven to ten feet. The task of the ship's Enforcers is to respond to unlawful activity reported by Narcs and Monitors and deal with the problem. Envisioned as peacekeepers and law officers, Enforcers were given surprisingly simple and strict programming, so that when they are called on to act, they do so decisively (and often lethally).



Large Size: This machine is larger than a man and takes up four spaces (square) on a standard battle grid.

Authoritarian: To face down an enforcer, an unarmed human opponent must succeed at a Despair check. If she fails she is unable to resist the custodian's commands.

Cattle Prod: An enforcer is equipped with a cattle prod. Its internal power source allows it to use this weapon indefinitely.

Sonic Beamer: An enforcer is equipped with a sonic beamer that affects not only the target, but anyone adjacent to the target as well. Its internal power source allows it to use this weapon indefinitely.

Armor: Due to its metal construction a monitor reduces the damage from all physical attacks by -4 (minimum 0).

Call Backup: Instead of attacking, an enforcer can communicate a distress call to a range of 500 ft. which will draw the attention of all nearby Enforcers to its aid.

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