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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-01-24
Tiamat has undergone another update, it's 14th to be exact. Beyond bug fixes, update 14 features a new toolbar that replaces the top menus, a new setting to automatically reload your last saved map, and undo/redo. I go over the new features in the video below.

I know that it might have seemed like I wasn't making much progress on Tiamat that last couple months, but in addition to hacking out code, I've been doing some analysis. Update 14 will most likely be the last beta update. The beta period for Tiamat wasn't just a time for testing software, but also a time for me test the revenue model and usage. I've collected a lot of data and feedback and come to some conclusions. Some things are working, others are not. After talking it over with skeletonkeys games, I plan to make some tweaks to both the software and business model. I'll go over said changes in future blog posts running up to Tiamat 15.

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