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Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-03-02
I recently blogged about "What's Not Working" in Tiamat and promised a follow up blog explaining some of the changes in store for Tiamat update 15, which should be my release candidate. In that blog, I outline 5 issues.

Issue #1: People seem content on exporting the free Web
Maps rather than adventure or miniature maps.
Issue #2: The price model is too confusing.
Issue #3: Some people still use the old mapper.
Issue #4: People want more new tiles
Issue #5: People want a better way to buy Tiles

Thankfully, issue 4, which is out of my hands, is being addressed. Since my last blog, Skeletonkey has released two new tile sets with more on the way.

What I want to discuss in this blog are Issues #2 and #5. To address these two issues, I'm introduction a new price model. Currently, maps are priced on a far too complex formula based on size. Additionally, if the map is of miniature scale, the was another formula to determine costs of the tiles.

This model worked on paper, but I can't count the number of emails I've received asking me to explain how much a map cost. So this has got to changed.

New Price Model: Export and Tiles
So the new price model is going to work like this. Rather maintaining a Tiamat balance and paying for maps using the formulas above, you'll simple purchase and spend two items: Exports and Tiles. When you export a map, regardless of size, you'll spend an Export. If the map is of miniature scale, you'll spend Tiles on any tiles you don't already own. This will have two benefits:

1) You don't have to guess or pull out a calculator to determine the cost of your map. It will just cost 1 export.
2) In general Maps and Tiles will be cheaper especially if you buy in bulk. Here's the prices.

1 for $2
3 for $4
10 for $10
25 for $20

10 for $3 ($.30 per tile)
20 for $5 ($.25 per tile)
50 for $12 ($.24 per tile)
100 for $21 ($.21 per tile)

If you already have a Tiamat balance, I'll will be automatically converting you balance to Export and Tiles based on a 50/50 split with the most generous conversion possible. If you'd like a different split (say 100% exports and no tiles), email me ( and let me know the way you want it broken up.

I'll be updating Tiamat soon, but before then, I got at least 1 more blog post. In my next blog, I will discuss Issue #1 and how I still want to Tiamat to be usable for free to some extent. Changes that will replace the "web export" that exists in Tiamat now.

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